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DR550GW Motion Detection cannot be disabled
« : 18 Сентября 2013, 17:42:26 »
Does anyone here know if it is possible to disable motion detection in parking mode and just use the G-sensors to trigger event recordings when parked?

If I move the motion sensitivity slider all the way to the left in the windows app, it says motion detection disabled, but it doesn't disable motion detection - in fact it seems to make it very sensitive!

This does set the motion sensor variable to 0 in config.Ini so it looks as though this is a bug in the DR550GW firmware (I'm running v1.010 English version).

Can anyone confirm that this happens for them too?

Is this something that can be fixed in the custom firmware that is being developed? It would also be good if motion detection could be made much less sensitive at the lower settings..

Also.. does this work correctly with the DR500GW ?


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Re: DR550GW Motion Detection cannot be disabled
« Ответ #1 : 08 Января 2014, 15:40:50 »

You can disable motion detection in the config of the cam, and as you say, that sets the variable to 0 in the config file, however, if motion detection is completely disabled it will, by default, record non-stop all night long (well all the time it's in parking mode).

I have my motion detection level set very low (5) and that seems to only record when a car or person passes by (which is what I want).  In an 'event' (if the car is bumped for example) then that will be saved as an 'event' instead of 'parking' type recording.  Basically, have a play with the motion detection setting, but don't set it to 0 as that is permanently on, and I suggest a setting of 5 or less, if you only want it to record 'events', then try setting motion detection to 1, hopefully that will stop almost all of the 'parking' recording and just leave you the events (if any!).

Hope that helps!,



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Re: DR550GW Motion Detection cannot be disabled
« Ответ #2 : 08 Января 2014, 18:08:34 »
It's not just DR550GW - the same problem exists across the range and for various settings: I got fed up with every pothole recorded as an event, so set on to investigate.
Turns out, the chaps at Pittasoft have a very peculiar interpretation of what is 'zero' - they basically treat it as 'infinity' ...  Fair enough, if one is arguing finer points of Einstein's Theory of Relativity, but not very practical for day-to-day applications   )O(

Anyway, now all my settings are just a tad above 0 and everything is fine, well sort of - with our increasingly horrible roads I do still get an occasional E, but nothing like before.


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