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Название: Using the Panorama 2 / S / G in PC Camera mode
Отправлено: alexsoll от 16 Октября 2014, 15:12:11
Using the Panorama 2 / S / G in PC Camera mode (

Thanks Reverend  (;u=5763) for the interesting modifications.
I hope you will complete description of its development.
Название: Re: Using the Panorama 2 / S / G in PC Camera mode
Отправлено: Reverend от 17 Октября 2014, 03:40:40
No problem - hopefully it will make focus for someone else easier too! My AV cable I ordered but still has not arrived four days later which is why I did this.

I spent many hours yesterday working it out but hopefully it will also work on the Panorama cameras for someone here too?

Unfortunately I haven't seen any drivers for OSX or for Linux which work - Linux should use the zr364xx driver but it won't work :( I may spend some more time one day to try and make it work in Linux :)

I was playing with a similar camera and realised that if you held that Triangle / Warning button when you powered the camera on it turned on with different USB IDs.

I then researched for other cameras that used the Zoran Coach 12P processor and that had a webcam mode and driver, and then worked it back from there. Once I found the right driver it was easy - just edit the driver files to use the IDs of the Panorama camera and it worked :)

FourEyes on DCT (guessing he is on here with a different name maybe) helped extract the files from the setup.exe driver package I found and then it was easy to edit them all so the Panorama would work! Good teamwork :)

The focus on the camera I'm still working on - it's ok but I've seen that you have better - although at the moment I only use 12Mbps firmware and I'm going to leave the focus until I've tried 15Mbps now.

I had a new A7LA70 G90 camera arrive today and that is fantastic quality in the day - very dark at night though. Pictures of that one are here:

Thanks again for all the work you have done on the Panorama cameras too - I have done lots of reading of many forums learning what I can about these devices and a lot of the good stuff comes from here or Niko on DCT :)
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