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Прошивки / Софт:  http://autodvr.by/firmware

Прошивка V1, для серийных номеров вида SGGC15xxxxxx
Date: 09/11/2015
Version: SG20151109.002
Скачать:  SG9665GC_V1_Update_1

(кликните для показа/скрытия)1.  Correct LOGO display and time and date stamp defaut settings
2.  Adjust bitrate setting
3.  Solve boot delay problem (5s/15s/30s menu list)
4.  Adjust Motion sensitivity ( low, middle and high)
5.  Add motion timeout settings
6.  Update to latest SDK to support more 64GB Micro SD cards
7.  Restore the factory setting, time and date settings moved to protected memory area
8.  Remove GPS automatic time updating (pending fix)
9.  Remove Timezone place names, use number values only
10. Change REC indicator LED to OFF when not recording instead of constant ON
11. Move calibration values to protected memory area
12. Add support for some 128GB cards (note 64GB and 128GB cards will not work until formatted FAT32)

Прошивка V2, для серийных номеров вида SGGC-B15xxxxxx
Date: 09/11/2015
Version: SG20151109.V2
Скачать:  SG9665GC_V2_Update_1

(кликните для показа/скрытия)1. Solve boot delay problem (5s/15s/30s menu list)
2. Adjust Motion sensitivity ( low, middle and high)
3. Update SDK added support for more 64GB Micro SD cards
4. Add support for some 128GB cards (note 64GB and 128GB cards will not work until formatted FAT32)

Предварительный релиз.
Прошивка V2, для серийных номеров вида SGGC-B15xxxxxx
Date: 31/12/2015


1. Adjust the bootup process.
2. Bugfix audio issue.

Очередной предварительный релиз прошивки для V2
(для V1 планируется в конце этой недели - начало следующей)

Скачать: SG9665GC_V2_beta_5

(кликните для показа/скрытия)Сообщение от jokiinWe're constantly working on firmware updates for the camera and occasionally we've had some comments questioning what's happening, I guess thinking nothing is happening because they don't hear anything but that's pretty much because those involved in the betas don't really talk about it in public, sometimes you go backwards with a beta before you go forwards so it's not always positive when testing things

I think from memory we went through 17 betas before the last release but along the way there have been versions that were probably stable enough for those that wanted to give it a go, with this in mind we'll experiment with giving access to stable beta versions once we've done some initial testing for those that want to give it a try, it's likely that not every beta will get a wider release, as I said sometimes they go backwards before they go forwards, particularly if we're chasing a bug

As anyone that has updated since release would know we recently split the firmware into two versions based on production date as we changed some processes during production and the setup of the two versions is different in how the data is stored and accessed in ROM which neccessitated the different approach to firmware, the functionality of the versions is the same, just how the firmware is applied is different and means they are not cross compatible

As of now we're at the stage where our user base of the later .V2 firmware version is larger, and it's the way we're doing things now so for practical reasons all the beta development and testing is only happening on the .V2 firmware code, once changes are signed off we then apply the same changes to the earlier .002 firmware version code and those will only be available as release versions so anyone with the earlier firmware type models won't be able to participate in any pre release versions but will still see the same changes on release versions

With this in mind for anyone with .V2 type cameras (For camera serial numbers from SGGC-Bxxxxxxxx, Settings menu display version number SG20xxxxxx.V2) that wants to give it a try this is the current beta we're looking at now and have been using for the past few days, only a few small changes in this one but for anyone that wants to give it a try let us know but more importantly let us know if you come across any problems along the way

If for whatever reason you find it has issues for you it is always possible to roll back to prior versions of the firmware, links to previous versions, instructions etc are included in the download


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